The old meat hall's last hours.

This Sunday, 24 May, will be the last day that Abattoir's meat hall will be used, i.e. at least for selling meat. On Friday, 29 May, the new food hall called FOODMET will be opened. The new hall will contain no less than 17 new butcher's shops. The origin of the present meat market goes back a long way in the history of Abattoir, until the early eighties. Before that, meat was sold on tables under the roof of our covered market place.

Wooden supports covered by plastic to put tons of meat on. That's how things were done those days. Today this is no longer possible: butcher's shops must fulfil a complete list of conditions in order to be allowed to sell meat. That's why at that time it was decided by the S.A. Slaughterhouses and Markets to build closed and refrigerated premises for 30 meat shops. A refrigerated counter, a butcher's block, meat hooks, cutting and carving machines, ... It was quite hectic, but the concept was kept as such for 30 years and attracted many customers. 

So this will all be history now. When you think that today the meat is still being brought in through the same doors the customers are using ...

The FOODMET, the new food hall of which Abattoir will be opening the doors to the public on 29 May, will offer shelter to 17 of the present butchers. The brandnew splendid installation will allow customers to be served much better than today. But let's remember for a while this very moment: Sunday 24 May. The last day our present meat hall is open!