BOEREMET supports Télévie 2015

Boeremet's 16 April's edition will be dedicated to "Télévie 2015". Less known amongst the Dutch-speaking community, this initiative is sponsored by RTL (French-speaking TV-station) and has been founded by the French-speaking community for raising money for "the good cause" . This year's focus will be on the campaign against cancer, leucemia in particular (in Flanders, a similar action is set up under the name "Kom op tegen kanker"). Our Boeremet is sponsoring TELEVIE. All the more reasons for asking you to wear something in red, or why not simply pinning-up a heart, in support of Télévie.

If you want to know more about this project or if you want to contribute, please contact the following website: On this site you'll get an overview of all activities, information about an auction for the good cause, the Rallye,...

So, let's meet next Thursday at Abattoir's for a new Boeremet season. As usual, doors will open at 17.00 hours. See you then!