Tradition set through: royal family receives easter lamb

Just like any other year, tradition wants that the local traders' association uniting traders from the Anderlecht slaughterhouse and markets' vicinity donate an easter lamb to the royal family. With the opening of "FOODMET" coming nearer, the new Abattoir food hall, the delegation was obviously composed of traders related to the Foodmet (butchers, fruit and vegetable traders, horeca, urban farm, ...). M. Joris Tiebout, our CEO, was pleased to show them the way to the Palace all along the Brederodestraat, in the very heart of Brussels.

More than thirty years ago, the then "Party committee" of the "asbl Slachthuizen en Markten van Anderlecht een VZW" , was founded to defend the interests of the Cureghem quarter from a socio-economic point of view. As tadition wants it, the easter lamb has been handed over to His Majesty the King and Queen.

The organization’s foundation was initiated by the fact that, during a reception at the occasion of another Easter Lamb donation, on 25 March 1983, the then King Baudouin asked the Anderlecht mayor H. Simonet about the abattoir’s future. The mayor was only prepared to answer the King in private, much to the delegation’s surprise. But soon they had understood that the commune of Anderlecht had secretively decided to close down the “Régie communale …” by the end of that same year. Some 160 merchants then decided to found the S.A. Abattoirs et Marchés d’Anderlecht (the present Abattoir S.A.) and to take over all of the commune’s activities. The slaughterhouses and markets in the Cureghem quarter were saved.

On the photo (from left to right) :

Christine Van Leuven (Distrilam bvba), Steven Beckers (The Lateral Thinking Factory sprl), Khalid Ouahib (Stati sprl), Banck Jean (groenten en fruit), Nancy Hofman (Hofman-Penninck bvba), Niels De Brabander (Amnimeat bvba), Omar El Filali (BAMS sprl), Geert Jaspaert (gevogelte  - kip aan 't spit), Joris Tiebout (Abattoir), Kolonel BEM Georges Roman (Koninklijk Paleis) en M. Alain Verschoore (Protocol Gemeente Anderlecht). De photos have been shot by Brussels photographer Bram Penninckx, himself member of the delegation (

Still alive, the lamb was 4 months old and weighed 34 kg. The breed is called a "Zwartbles-Suffolk", a specialty breed from the Bucquoye family in Western Flanders. The lamb got slaughtered of course in the Anderlecht slaughterhouse and wears the Pastorale-lable. "Pastorale" is the lable "par excellence" which guarantees pure and tasty quality lambs meat from a local breeder (