Theatrical play "GULFSTREAM" at Abattoir's

For all those who love to see a nice theatrical play together with their kids/pupils, please do read this. As of Monday, 24 November till Thursday, 27 November,  'La Station' is organizing in the Cellars at Abattoir's and in collaboration with Cultureghem asbl (non-profit) the play called GULFSTREAM, a fable for and about young adolescents that invites for both distraction and refelexion.

Ving and Gurnst, two young boys, dig a huge tunnel under their city, a gangway towards another world where everything seems possible, where everything needs conquering: a new world. To be sure not to be discovered or followed, they build a wooden fence to hide the tunnel.

The public witnesses these last moments: plank after plank, it will be discovering the many sacrifices the two boys will have to make. 

Whilst digging their tunnel, bucket by bucket, they say good-bye to the things they love, they play their favourite game for the last time and they remember the most absurd scenes from the daily life they will soon leave behind them.

This performance for age 10+ is charged € 3,00 pp.. Performances take place at 10.00 am and 14.00 pm (except for Wednesday and Thursday, with a performance only at 10.00 am). Place to be: Abattoir's Cellars, Entrance N° 2 (nearby Abattoir's Reception).

Metro: Delacroix or Clemenceau (lines 2 and 6) - Bikestallsstalls available at Abattoir's main entrance, rue Ropsy Chaudrons 24, Anderlecht