TéléBruxelles and Flemish Television (VRT) speak highly of our "Cureghem Cellars"

Our cosy cellars (a quality of which even TéléBruxelles and our Flemish TV-chain report acknowledgingly) are not used for festive events or exhibitions only. On the contrary, we would say. But apparently this is not common knowledge. Not yet.

The art of applying!

Our cellars are indeed used quite often for more serious matters too, such as the "Discover your talent" course, organized for people looking for a (or another) job. During this course they were taught how to bring forward their talents in the best possible way.
Events like this show once more the social commitment of Abatan's management to contributing to a better social and professional environment in our township.
Should you have missed this opportunity, you can always get in touch with the organizers for further assistance or guidance. For watching the French broadcast click "ici", fo the flemish one you can click "hier".
Highly recommended.