Salon 'The Football We Love' in the Cellars

Throughout today's society, football is King. That's also why this sport is most of the time associated with big money, hooliganism and violence on the pitches themselves. "Still, there is a positive side to it as well" says Olivier Guibaud. To prove his statement, he decided to set up a salon called "The Football We Love", the first in its genre. By doing so, he wants to underline the social aspect strongly related to football, an initiative that both Cultureghem (non-profit organization) and Abattoir S.A. were happy to support.  

"Le Football, une école de vie inestimable"

Liliane Thuram, World Champion promotor of the Salon

The Football We Love


"The Football We Love" in practice ?

- 40 stands representing football organizations, foundations and associations open to reciprocal dialogue and dialogie with the public as well 

- Ateliers Fair Play animated by Panathlon

- Conferences and round tables oriented towards the social role of football, animated by the think-tank "Sport and Citizenship" 

- Meet & greet with (ex-) football players invited by Lilian Thuram

- Expo One Hundred : 100 exclusive objects, each "with a story". Why are the shirts of  “Le Havre” in light and dark blue? ? Why are Ekici's football shoes decorated with the Turkish and German flag ? 

- Photo exhibition by Henk Cortier: football as a means of overcoming (cultural) differences, in a district, a town, the world. 

- Animations Freestyle football and tournament "Street Heroes", football like played in the streets

When and where ?

In the Cellars at Abattoir (Anderlecht), entrance n° 3, situated alongside the Parking Delacroix, rue Jules Ruhl, 1070 Anderlecht, near the Delacroix metro station (ligne 2 et 6).

The official opening is planned on Wednesday, 15 May, at 18.00 hrs. The public opening is on Thursday 16 May till Sunday 19 May, from 14.00 till 19.00 hrs every day. The "Salon" is free for all.

Parking Delacroix  costs 1 €/per hour on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 2 €/h on Sunday).

The official salon's site can be found on: