Postcards from the Future

From September 2010 until June 2011, Postcards from the Future will bring a new postcard into circulation each month representing a different district of the city of Brussels. Created in collaboration with the inhabitants and users of the place they represent and involving a vast network of local people, spaces and institutions, the photographed scenes of the Postcards from the Future propose a reconsideration of the images one has of one’s city.

Be there on 30th April!

In April the commune of Anderlecht will be the host, more in particular our site, because it represents an important meeting-place with an important history. Everything that is representative for the commune will be brought together under our market's huge roof, i.e. our own slaughterhouse, football, police officers, the inventor of a discotheque, social workers or city vigilantes, numerous nationalities, …
These characters will be present on the market place for about one hour on 30th April at 12.30hrs, standing at exactly the same place as on the postcard. Fans of "Postcards from the Future" (a network of some 20,000 people, members of artistic and/or cultural organizations) are always looking forward to discovering a new spot as it has been photographed and to finding out what message is behind.

Some background information

Just like any postcards, the Postcards from the Future are linked to the specific place they depict. What makes them special is that each one is associated with a precise point in time located in the future. Rather than being souvenirs, these postcards act primarily as invitations. By accepting the invitation and going to the address on the date and time indicated on a Postcard from the Future, one will be able to verify the prophecy made, thereby not only questioning the determinism, but also the pertinence of the images printed on the paper.
In other words, will that which can be seen on the postcard actually take place? And if that is the case, will the future correspond to our expectations ?

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