Made and tasted by the 'Brusseleir'

Discover some of the famous Brussels dishes , their history, the people behind and the connection with the villages around Brussels. Find out the whole story on the Boeremet Thursday 22 November from 3 till 6.30 p.m.

Visit Brussels has as 'Brusselicious' 2012 claimed as the year of Brussels gastronomy. Within that framework the heritage cells of Brussels, Pajottenland and Zennevallei and the Center of Agrarian History the heritage project 'Made and tasted by the Brusseleir'.

The project focalize on six typical Brussels products as there are chicory, sprouts, cheese, geuze beer, paunches and black cherry. Miss sarah Luyten searched for sources and material that gives the image of the way those products goes from producer till the moment they are on your plate and with attention for the historical context aswell as the actual situation. The mobile exhibition stops as mentioned earlier under the covered market of Abattoir, Ropsy Chaudronstraat 24 at Anderlecht during the Boeremet of Thursday 22 November. Come and see this!