KANAL PLAY GROUND is getting colourful

It is common knowledge that there are not enough spaces in the Brussels Canal area that allow for gaming, sporting or simply meeting, beit for the many children, youngsters or families living in these central town quarters. That’s why Cultureghem asbl (non-profit) is transforming the Abattoir market hall into Brussels’ largest playground. Earlier this week, the contractor started with the painting-works for setting out the CIRCUIT 2014. On the picture herewith, you can see the result.

Court circuit is a graphic game with lines, shapes and colours painted on the ground of our large covered market hall near the Anderlecht slaughterhouses. Players are challenged to work out their own rules and, of course, to abide by them… Quite an unconventional playing-ground for youngsters in an attempt to create new bonds with this city quarter and with the city as a whole. The Cultureghem mobile kitchens are always kept nearby.

This new playing-ground will officially be opened on Wednesday, 17 September 2014 at the occasion of the “FESTIVAL KANALPLAYGROUND 2014. From 17 till 21 September, you will not only be allowed to play here, but people from Cultureghem asbl will be preparing delicious snacks and inspiring juices at their END-OF-SUMMER-BAR.

You can follow the COURT-CIRCUIT painting-works on FB-page of Cultureghem asbl ! The official KANAL PLAY GROUND website is hidden behind the following link.