The Invisible Town (De Standaard)

Every day this week, the newspaper De Standaard publishes an article about the story of a migrant under the title 'De Verborgen Stad' (The Invisible Town). In the Tuesday 21/10/2014 edition, you can read about Soufian, a staff member of Abattoir. Photographer Kurt Deruyter is working for years on projects in these ‘migrant-receiving areas’ in Brussels and took for months the journalist from De Standaard Sarah Van Kersschaever on a stroll through the city. To know more, read the interview...


Click on this link to read the first article released in the weekend newspaper of 18 October.

Below, you also find the editorial article that was published in the newspaper of last weekend. Abattoir is also mentionned in this text. If you would like to read all related articles, we invite you to go to the newspapershop and buy the journal 'The Standaard'.