"The hidden city" (from the daily "De Standaard")

"Everybody sees the tree fall, nobody sees the forest growing".
This is the introduction of yet another article in the series called "De Verborgen Stad (The Hidden City), published by the Flemish daily "De Standaard" and written by journalist Sarah Vankersschaever. And again, one of Abattoir's collaborators takes pride of place. His name is Mohamed Ibrir.
Read here how his dream, i.e. owning a house outside the city together with his wife and kids, became reality.

Mohamed Ibrir has been working for Abattoir since 1997. He grew up in the so-called Canal Zone and like many other youngsters of his age, he made some minor mistakes too. He paid the price one has to pay, but he got himself out of the downwards spiral. He took the opportunities offered to him by Abattoir S.A., starting as a driver, with both hands. He also offered assistance to the cleaning team taking care of our market grounds' cleanliness, of which he became quite rapidly the team leader. Nowadays, Mohamed is a full-time member of the Abattoir team. 
On the picture beneath, you can see Mohamed with some colleagues paying a visit to the Royal Family in 2009.

Mohamed's daily job consists of getting under controlthe waste problem created by our weekend markets . One of his tasks is to make our traders aware of, and inform them about our waste management initiatives and to motivate them through our "bonus/malus"-system, even if this requires fines to be paid from time to time. Controlling trucks parking without respecting the time schedules as well as tracing "left-behind cars" belong to his authority, in narrow collaboration with "Net Brussel".

Only recently, Mohamed started a study together with Mara Callaert, to find ways to reduce the use of plastic bags on our markets. He is also involved in getting the commune's service "Netheid" attuned for cleaning the streets in the Abattoir's neighbourhood.

Mohamed is also eager to get involved in activities organized by Cultureghem asbl (non-profit), organizing on our site countless socio-cultural activities for and together with youngsters from our neighbourhood.

Please read hereunder the article published on 24 October in "De Standaard", in which Mohamed gets the opportunity to explain all by himself how tough it is to get integrated and "how to make it" as an immigrant. A true story.