Friday 10th June: VOKA on a working-visit at Abatan

On Friday, June 10th, in the morning, Abatan will be happy to organize a debate on the following theme:"The importance of the presence of private enterprises for Brussels viability."
This event must be seen in the broader VOKA-programme "Enterprise and Politics", and aims at members of the Flemish parliament's Commission for Brussels and the Flemish Periphery as well as at the Flemish-speaking members of the Brussels Capital Region's parliament.

Programme and participants

Mr. Joris Tiebout, CEO of Abatan sa and President of Voka - Brussels Committee, will be the host for this event. He will be assited by Mr. Luc Blancke, president of Abatan sa, Mr. Paul Thielemans, Public Relations Manager, and Mr. Jo Huygh, Project Manager of the "Abatan 2020" project.
 Participants will mainly be general managers of Brussels companies. Their visit will first of all offer them the opportunity to get to know Abatan sa as a company and its business (a guides tour is planned). Then, during a working-lunch, an open discussion is planned on themes such as labour creation for stimulating local employment, higher labour dynamics and viability. 


9h30 : Welcome
9h45 : Presentation of Abatan

10h15 : Guided tour 

11h30 : Working-lunch & debate
13h30 : Close

If you would like to know more about this event, do not hesitate to get in touch with our secretariat.