"Foodmet" getting shape

In two months the new foodhall will open its doors. Today's meat market will definitely close its doors on Sunday, 24 May at 14.00 hours to move into the new hall. Jot down the folowing date in your agenda; on Friday, May 19 the new foodhall, the "FOODMET", will definitely open its doors. On the photo you can see one of the two access buildings at present still under construction.

In the meantime, all of the 17 butchers' shops are taken. The whole building will contain 45 shops, of which only a few are still available. The cafetaria/bistro has also found its manager. His card/menu will offer a wide variety of drinks and meals, thus appealing to a larger public. The building is really impressive, especially from the inside. The total surface stretches as far as the backside of the existing Freshmarket. It is much bigger than one would expect.

All butchers' shops are equipped with an atelier, fridges, a freezer cell, meat transporting rails and an ultramodern selling-place with cooled counters. Together with the butchers concerned we have visited the firm called WIGMA, where these counters are being produced and we must say that they are really top quality products. At present, we are still negotiating with candidates for selling fruit, vegetables and other food products. Their shops too will be provided with electrical, sanitary and cooling installations.

Photo: a guided tour by WIGMA's manager M. Jan Meire.