First environmental works started up

On Monday, 5th November 2012, Abattoir S.A. has started up the first environmental works related to the Brussels Greenfield project and the construction of the new Food hall. The environmental works are being co-ordinated by the reputable soil contamination experts RSK Benelux bvba and with the support of Brussels Greenfields.

The contamination is situated alongside the entrance at the Chée de Mons. The purpose of these works is to eliminate the VCOC's (volatile chlorinated organic compounds). It was caused by past activities, more in particular the paint spraying activities in the metalworkshops of "M. Matton J.B. & Son", from 1926 till 1956 ". Such contamination is called "orphelin contamination", because Abattoir S.A. cannot be held responsible for it. It is, however, responsible for its elimination. 

By injecting an "Oxygen Release compound" in the soil and the underground water, will release controlled oxygen in the underground, thanks to which the natural aerobe contamination degradation is being stimulated, resulting in a faster elimination of that contamination.In order to optimize this process, the injection will also contain products to feed the micro-organisms.
After the injection, the groundwater's quality will be carefully screened  on well-determined intervals and the first results are expected to become visible after some four months' time. These works will also diminish the risk of spreading of the contamination and finally result in the elimination of the contamination itself.