Festival Kanal brengt Kinshasa naar onze markt!

During weekend markets of 14th, 15th and 16th September

KINSHASA, VILLE EN MOUVEMENT  (Kinshasa, city of movement)

Experience Kinshasa "live" , as if you stood right in the middel of it, right from our own marketgrounds and three days in a row. A sensation under no circumstance to be missed. 
This film projection is part of FESTIVAL KANAL , an event also supported by Abatan.
We wish you an intriguing journey deep into the heart of Africa.

“Kinshasa. It is all about movement”  Thierry De Mey

Guided by Papy Ebotani, Thierry De Mey’s camera takes us right into the heart of Kinshasa’s marketplace, where colours, scents and shapes mix and melt.  In this open space of cheerful life, the danser starts improvising. Sociologist at that moment, he cleverly and carefully analyzes his environment and his dansing is becoming real by making use of all material he can get hold of for his choreography. His imitations of men, women and children are so real that people tend to recognize themselves in a slightly deforming mirror.
Little by little, hesitating between admiration or mockery, the public start imitating the danser themselves. Gradually, a spontaneous dialogue is being engaged in and not a single word, not one glance or gesture escapes from the lenses of the three cameras put in place by Thierry De Mey. The variable geometry of the cameras has a reality multiplying effect so to speak, immersing spectators in an overwhelming experience of the senses.