Father Christmas joy for more than 800 children

Santa Claus, as he is called across the Atlantic, especially came down from up north to see us first, at the occasion of our Sunday market; a splendid opportunity to make countless children happy. We estimated them to be more than 800 to be spoilt with small presents and sweets.

kerstmanNo less than 2000 balloons were distributed, which resulted in quite a joyful and colourful happening. All children received a small bag filled with sweets and a tickets for a free ride on horseback, made possible by collaborating with one of our standkeepers. Thanks a lot for that!

Needless to say that all our merchants were very enthusiastic about this initiative, because it contributes to the dynamism of our weekend markets by attracting even more people than we have got used to. "Only a rehearsel for next year", we hear you say. No problem, come and see for yourself next year!