The Easter lamb: a well respected tradition

Next Monday 11th April 2011, at about 11.00hrs, a delegation of the V.Z.W. HANDELAARS EN AMBACHTSLUI VAN DE WIJK ROND HET SLACHTHUIS EN DE MARKTEN VAN ANDERLECHT (Association of traders and merchants active in the vicinity of the Abattoir and Markets of Anderlecht) will be received at the Royal Palace.

Delegatie paaslamThe delegation of essentially women will be lead by Mrs Monique Cassart-Simon, "Echevine of Civil Service of the Commune of Anderlecht" and by our CEO, M. Joris Tiebout, secretary of the ASBL. The Queen and the King will be offered an Easter Lamb, as the yearly tradition wants in the Easter period.
The association is strongly in favour of maintaining this Easter Lamb donation out of respect for the Royal Family and for tradition's sake. By doing so, the association also wants to keep asking special attention for the Curghem district. The lamb -a Texels-Swifters breed- was born on 31st December 2010 in Lo-Reninge. M. Eddy Bucquoye, meat trader specialized in mutton, decided that festive evening to keep this lamb aside for the Royal Family. The 17,5 kgr weighing lamb was garnished by M. Marc Landuyt, President of the Royal Flemish Butchers Association in Belgium.
Abatan s.a. was established 28 years ago, at the occasion of a visit to the Royal Palace at that time, with capital gathered by traders from the Cureghem district. The late King Baldwin was very much in favour of preserving our site and our activities as well. This is what is being commemorated at each lamb donation.

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