DJ T'KiLa to set Boeremet of 16 May on fire

The Boeremet Camping Party  of last Thursday, 9th May, was one of the most successful since our early days. More than 2000 visitors, a roaring atmosphere amongst the young and less young alike? This Thursday, DJ T'KILA is our guest of honour. So, see you again at Abattoir's, Where Brussels Shakes !

Last Thursday's Camping Party at the Boeremet was an overwhelming success. With an official holiday, the organizers decided to take an early start: a decision they did not regret at all. More than 1200 cars bringing twice that amount of people; what more is there to say about the growing attractiveness of this weekly event.

All the more people living in Brussels and its vicinity are making a habit of going out and seeing eachother on our market grounds on Thursdays, under the classified roof of the Anderlecht Abattoir's market hall. 

Do you feel tempted too ?

Well, see you this Thursday, 16 May at the Boeremet, from 17.00 hrs onwards. Let DJ T'KILA move your bottoms!

Watch the Camping Party video below.