Day of cleanliness: calls for a remake

The presence of a couple of classes from Cureghem schools, turned the special workshops for children that we organized on our site during "The Day of cleanliness" into a huge success. Those who pretend that children are not interested in this particular kind of subject, are in for a change of opinion.

Dag van de properheidGraffiti and waste management

During a couple of educational workshops set up by "Green", a non-profit organization, the children were shown (and could try themselves) how to get rid of graffiti and how to gather and sorting out garbage.

Dag van de properheidIntelligent shopping

Afterwards, the children were sent to the market to do some shopping, avoiding plastic packaging as much as possible. With the fruit bought, they produced some wonderful fruit juice, milkshakes and fruitsticks in the large kitchen installed for the occasion in our famous cellars. Under te supervision of a couple of true chefs, all was left sorted out and tidied up.

Given this success, at Abatan's they are playing with the idea of organizing such events more frequently, at least once a year. By doing so, the relationship with the local schools could be improved. The event's theme should therefore not necessarily be identical every year again.

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