Cleanliness above all.

The second edition of the "Journée de la Propreté" (Clean Day) took place at Abattoir's on Friday 19 April. This event is initiated by deputy Elke Roex of the Anderlecht department of public cleanliness together with our company. This second edition was a great success and therefore this event deserves to be repeated.

They were some 80 pupils all together to turn this event into a true success.

Green asbl organized a couple of workshops for the pupils, during which they got introduced to the waste life cycle, from production to final waste product, and to the waste recycling process. Demo's and interactive conversations brought the children very close to real life situations. On the market they were allowed to do some shopping and while doing so, they made other shoppers aware of this society problem. 

After the shopping, the kids were brought to yet another workshop where, under the supervision of professional chefs from Cosmos, a social restaurant, they learned how to prepare the food they had been buying on the market. At the same time, people from the commune introduced another group of pupils to the problem of graffiti, and how to remove it; a hell of a job, so it seemed. This proved to be the best way to make them aware of the seriousness and the consequences of this problem.

To end the day, a big used batteries collection was set up together with Bebat, specialized in this kind of actions. Those who collected most batteries were rewarded with free movie tickets, a reward that stimulated the children in really doing their best to get the most out of it. The earlier they pick-up this habit, the better.  The following kids, all living in Anderlecht, are the winners: Maram Berkaoui, Yaya Diallo, Adria Bati, Hicham Ranhabesse, Esmeralda Angelova, Handoai Roubbai, Mohamed All Ban Baoudi, Nadir El Filali, Bah Mahi en Lina Boubass.

And while this event was taking place, the commune and Brussel Net sat up a huge cleaning operation around our site and our site’s vicinity. The whole neighbourhood looked remarkebly clean!
This calls for more …   (text & photos: Mohamed Ibrir).