Choesels, a book with balls

In the period between the second half of the 19th century and the second worldwar,  the so-called "Choesels" were Brussels most famous dish. In those days, the notorious offal stew prepared with gueuze beer, was very popular in many bars and restaurants, mainly on Thursday evenings. Personalities such as Herman Teirlinck and Karel Van de Woestijne contributed to this dish's strange attraction . Escoffier, the world famous French chef, mentioned the dish in his 'The Culinary Guide'.  For various reasons, "Choesels" have nowadays become a culinary curiosity.

Rarely ever before, a dish was so much mystified and  contradictory for the ways in which the it was described. Today, almost 100 years later, the mystery remains. Danny Crauwels, Ghislaine Steps and Jo Van Caenegem, all three authors of the book "Choesels, a book with balls", have tried to find out all about the Chousels real roots and traditions. Their book was presented to the press on 8th November by Bruno De Lille, Flemish Community Commission member for culture, youth, sports and the Brussels heritage ceel at our Boeremet. The book is now for sale at the democratic price of € 10. Orders can be placed on or by calling 02 563 05 92. Available in Dutch only.