Brussels locals set their doors wide open

Town quarter committees of some 20 Brussels town quarters together organize a so-called "Brussels Welcome Weekend" during which they invite everybody to come and find out what makes their quarter so specific or unique. Quick on the ball as we usually are, we jump on this occasion to take actively part in this event, which is an initiative of the BITC (Brussels International Tourism and Congress), as the Brussels tourism office is officially called.

sfeerbeeld keldersWelcome on 9th & 10th of April

We will be glad to tell you vividly about our rich history as well as about our future plans that are quite ambitious. You have the choice between three ways of doing so: either you pay a visit to our market on your own, or you go for a guided tour during which our architect in charge of the site's renovation works will tell you all about these upcoming activities. A third possibility is visiting our famous "Cellars of Cureghem", a unique location with an equally unique hsitory. Warmly recommended, that's for sure.

For more information, please mail to ,  or directly to , who will be pleased to help you.