Abatan 2020 Project: Agropark building-site started up

The first phase in the actual starting-up of our EFRO-project along the Chaussée de Mons has been started. Two delapidated rear houses (numbers 195 and 203) have been taken down for safety reasons (collapsing-danger). Moreover, in view of realizing our future foodmarket, we have bought the houses numbered 199 and 201

A € 25 million investment

The request for building has in the meantime been approved by the fire department. Once the building-permit approved (Feb. 2012), the building-site will take an official start (March 2012). The end of the great Abatan 2020 project's first phase (the Agroparc) is planned for September 2013.

AgroparkThe EFRO (European Fund for Regional Development), together with the Brussels Capital Region, are subsidizing part of the Agroparc project for an amount of € 6 million. The total investment is estimated at € 25 million. The project aims at an expansion of our "covered" market activities on the one hand (diversification), and at better carpark facilities and a residential area (apartments).

If you want to stay informed about the evolution of our building activities, tune in on our website to find out all about it.