Tonight : Boeremet 'Incognito Party'

This week's Boeremet edition (only one more to go in September) will be an 'Incognito Party'. Cover your eyes in a creative way and join us tonight at our weekly Boeremet after work party without being recognized.
Last week, there was a nice report on Abattoir's Thursday night events, brought by TV Brussel. You can watch it here.

COURT CIRCUIT successfully inaugurated

The COURT CIRCUIT kick-off was quite a success. More than one hundred kids were present to have good fun. People from the political world and the press could see to their own stupefaction how these youngsters got hold of the biggest playing ground of Brussels without the slightest hesitation: the covered market place of Abattoir was their territory for a day, and days to come.The multi colour circuit that was painted on the ground especially for the occasion, is in fact an enormous playing-ground which invites to come and dance, skate, sing, ... or play, what else? Eva and Yannick of Cureghem asbl (non-profit), as well as Jan and Lode of Platform Kanal can be particularly proud indeed. The Festival Kanal Playground kick-off was a true success. Why don't you come and see for yourselves. It lasts till this Sunday evening.

A "rendez-vous" not to be missed when you're in Brussels

In September 2011, Abattoir started a new market formula: the Boeremet. As it generated little interest on Thursday afternoons, changes needed to be made: opening hours were extended, the Brasserie Skievelat took over the bar. Foodtrucks replaced stallholders. With DeeJays and/or combined themed evening parties, the concept broke through. Since then, this new type of afterwork has become successful as an event formula. This Thursday, edition ONE HUNDRED will be celebrated!